In the Poconos, Some Helping Hands After the Storm

by jhang

MONROE COUNTY — Thousands are still without power in the Poconos after Friday’s winter storm, but some businesses have stepped up to help those in need.

A PPL truck set up along Route 611 near Tannersville, offering a cell phone charging station and water.

“It’s one of the heaviest hit areas, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. We’re trying to work as quickly and safely as we can to offer the little bit of comfort that we can,” said Chris Schoemaker, a PPL customer relations specialist.

“I think it’s a great idea, to be honest. I mean, for people who don’t have power and stuff, it’s a good idea. It’s a great idea actually,” said Matthew Dodge of Mount Bethel. His home is with without power.

On social media, many people posted pictures and words of thanks for the staff at Mount Airy Casino Resort, who gave them shelter, blankets, water, and warmth when they couldn’t get home during last week’s storm.

At Country Club of the Poconos in Middle Smithfield Township, the power is on and the doors are open.

“They can shower, bring their own toiletries and everything. They can shower here. They can come rest, warm up, get out of their cold homes. They can charge their phones. We have WIFI. They can bring their laptops, sit here, and get caught up on what’s going on the world because nobody knows,” said Kevin Dixon of the country club.

Folks say they are grateful for the support.

“Just to have people come and get out of their homes, have a place with power and warmth and a different four walls to look at is really big, especially for the kids. We have played every board game that we have, and some we didn’t realize we had,” said Tara Blohm of Middle Smithfield Township.

“It’s great. I’m glad that they did it. There’s a lot of people here who need it more than I do, but I really appreciate being able to get a warm shower and use some electricity,” said Hunterdon Watts of Middle Smithfield Township.

With the threat of another storm looming, folks say they are desperate to have their power restored. They’re hopeful they won’t be so hard hit this time around.

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