Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being. Massage involves acting on and manipulating the body with pressure, structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving tension, motion or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids. There are over eighty different recognized massage modalities. The most cited reasons for introducing massage as therapy have been client demand and perceived clinical effectiveness.

At the Spa at Mount Airy, we want to exceed your expectations. For your convenience, we created a pressure guide for massages:

No Pressure – Reiki & Crystal Healing
Light Pressure – Swedish & Maternity
Medium to Deep Pressure – Deep, Fusion, Bamboo, Bamboo Lomi Lomi, Reflexology

Please note that 18% gratuity is included in the price of our services but may not be included in our specials.

Our Signature Body Butter is used to enhance your Swedish Massage.  This wholesome combination is relaxing to both the body and the mind.

50 min – $155.00
80 min – $195.00

This service incorporates the use of Bamboo Sticks to enhance relaxation, provide deeper tissue work, promote circulation, as well as lymphatic drainage. Our unique technique is guaranteed to leave you feeling well balanced and refreshed as your tension melts away.

50 min – $155.00
80 min – $195.00

A firm but gentle pressure is used to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and reduce stress.
50 min – $135.00
80 min – $185.00

Combining the benefits of bamboo massage with the rhythmic flow of Lomi Lomi, this one of a kind massage allows your body to melt away into pure bliss. Under body and full body strokes also help to free the negative energy and make the body soft, promoting free and abundant flow of life energy throughout.

50 min – $155.00
80 min – $195.00

Choose from one of two stone therapy massages that will benefit you the most.

Warm Stone -Polished Basalt Lava Stones are heated and incorporated in a full body Swedish massage. Our natural stone therapy can unlock tension deep within the muscles to achieve the ultimate in relaxation.

Cold Stone– Iced Basalt Lava Stones are incorporated into this massage making it a powerful decongestant pushing blood, fluid, and wastes out of overworked, chronically tense, or inflamed tissues. This incredible treatment helps with inflammation for onsite injury, restores balance, as well as increasing energy.

50 min – $160.00
80 min – $200.00
Warm & Cold Stone 80 min only – $200.00

(Price is for any of the Stone Therapy Massages-choose one when making reservation.)

A treatment designed to relieve muscle tension. Pressure can be adapted to your needs.

50 min – $155.00
80 min – $195.00

Warm towels infused with tea tree and lavender are wrapped around both the feet and hands at the onset of this specialized therapy. Precise pressure is applied to areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific body organs.

45 min – $130.00

Completely safe for mother and baby. Relieves swelling and leg cramps. Promotes circulation.
50 min – $155.00

Please be aware that we cannot massage any client who is under 12 weeks OR past 36 weeks without signed consent from their doctor.

Reiki is a focused energy healing technique, working through the Chakra energies. It is a safe and noninvasive form of hands on or off healing that can help reduce pain, promote deep relaxation and increase energy and can result in a feeling of well being and balance. Great for fibromyalgia, diabetes, cancer, nerve damage and sensitive to touch clients.

50 min – $145.00

Two therapists provide separate Swedish Massages in our in-spa couple’s room. Experience total relaxation together.

50 min – $300.00
80 min – $380.00

A technique that employs crystals and stones combined with Reiki energy healing techniques. Specific crystals and stones are used to correspond to each chakra. Each crystal has a different healing vibration. The stones attract positive vibrations that attract positive events. These crystals, through the energy therapy, will then be attuned to your personal energy to continue your experience at home.

50 min – $180.00 (price includes your own set of crystals)

Our stones are pure Himalayan pink salt rich in naturally occurring minerals and elements that revitalize the body.  Stones are used along with massage movement to promote a deep relaxation and overall well-being.

50 min – $165.00
80 min – $205.00

Body Butter


Coconut Oil Scalp Massage (Our scalp massage using coconut oil)


Honey Heel Glaze Foot Treatment (Exfoliating foot scrub followed with application of a honey based serum used to massage the feet)


Deep Tissue Pressure (Can be added on to any of the above services. Excluding any Stone Therapy Massage, Lomi Lomi Bamboo and Reflexology)

50 min – $20.00
80 min – $25.00

Couples Upgrade

50 min – $20.00 each
80 min – $25.00 each


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