Energy Healing

Our seven chakras, energy centers, regulate your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We work with the universal life force and energy chakras to balance, heal and calm the soul.

Every experience will be different! Energy healing is great for guests that cannot have a typical hands on massage service due to pain, injury or other ailments that contraindicate hands on massage.

For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be added to your services at the time of checkout.

An energy healing technique that encourages healing, relaxation and stress relief.

50 min – $160

Specific crystals have healing vibrations that correspond to our 7 Chakras. We use these crystals with Reiki to realign the mind, body and spirit back to harmony.

50 min – $185 (price includes your own set of crystals)

This energizing technique using 7 different essential oils to calm and balance the 7 energy chakras in our body. We begin this treatment with shiatsu face and scalp pressure, then we use our essential oils with a combination of pressure points to the hands and feet. We then continue this amazing experience on the back with a sprinkle of aromatherapy and a light feathery movement to bring balance to the 7 energy points along the spine.

50 min – $165


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