We are so excited to start to welcome everyone back to the Spa!!

Please know that things will look a little different on your next visit but everything we have put in place is for the protection of our clients as well as our staff members.

We are following the guidelines set forth by our State Boards of Cosmetology and Massage Therapy, as well as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Upon booking your appointment over the phone there will be a COVID-19 questionnaire our staff will be asking you prior to booking. Please have patience and know this may take a couple minutes longer than in the past.  But again, this is to ensure your safety, as well as to protect exposure to our staff members.  At this time there will be no booking for someone else, the person receiving the service must be the person calling in to book their appointment, so that they can give us the answers to the COVID-19 questionnaire.

When you arrive for your appointment please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to give yourself enough time to check in. Please make sure that you have a mask on, and it will always need to be worn during your treatment (no exceptions.) Unfortunately, if you refuse to wear a mask you will not receive your treatment, and if you remove your mask during your treatment, the session will be ended and you will be escorted out.

Your temperature will be taken upon entry to the Spa and we will be doing a Check-In Screening Protocol questionnaire that also will be filed for our records.

All the extra Spa amenities, steam, sauna, showers, vanity area, locker room and quiet rooms will not be available during your visit.  Also, we not be providing teas/flavored water.  You will receive a bottle of water upon check-in. Your therapist will bring you right into your treatment room.  Upon completion of your treatment you will be escorted back to the Spa lobby for check out.

Please know that even though we are only allowed to have 50% capacity in the Spa/Salon but will still need time to properly disinfect each area where a client has entered/exited before another client may go into that area.

Our menu of services has been adjusted as well during this time and there are some treatments, we are not able to offer, such as warm/cold stone massages, face treatments, face waxing and skincare services (facials).  We also will only be performing 55 minutes Massages; we will not be offering anything longer than that at this time.  If you wish to book multiple services, you are more than welcome too, however you will need to completely exit the Spa and return at the time of your next appointment.  Which also means having your temperature retaken and the Screen Protocol completed again.

All our Staff will be given adequate time in between each appointment to clean their treatment room, as well as the designated staff to clean the bathrooms, door handles, pens, clip boards, chairs, etc. (anything that would have been touched between appointments.)

Please remember this is new to all of us and we are all doing our best to keep everyone safe.  Please bear with us as we navigate our new “normal”.   We are excited to see everyone and help you get some relaxation during this time.

312 Woodland Rd, Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania 18344
1-877-MTAIRY-1 or 1-877-682-4791