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A Proud Monkey – A Dave Matthews Tribute Band

Saturday, February 16



A Proud Monkey began in theory, in 2002. Dustin Switzer, who sings and plays guitar, had been teaching himself guitar for a few years by meticulously learning Dave Matthews Band songs and just started to play full gigs in front of actual people. Around the same time, Aaron Fink had just finished recording an album with his previous band that sold around 1,000,000 copies. Through the following 15 years, Dustin performed nearly 2000 shows and began incorporating a full-band Dave Matthews Band tribute into the mix. in 2008, A Proud Monkey played it’s first show as a full Dave and Tim tribute, featuring Neil Nicastro on guitar. One night, Aaron and Dustin agreed to do a Dave and Tim Tribute at North Slope Brewing Company in Dallas. The duo quickly picked up press for the show, being featured on the cover of local entertainment paper The Weekender, and the show was packed to capacity, even unfortunately having to turn away people due to fire safety laws. Since then, they’ve done about one show per month, providing fans with a different experience every time, most recently performing the entire Before These Crowded Streets record sequentially. In the future, we plan on performing more full records as well as recreating actual Dave and Tim shows for you. There’s also plans on performing tributes to tributes – such as performing U2’s Joshua Tree or The Police’s Synchronicity records.

312 Woodland Rd, Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania 18344
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